Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We Worry...


          Yesterday I wrote about being nervous about going back to school. Today I meandered my way through the first day. It was an in-service day. I tentatively walked into my school. I smelled fresh paint and saw new decals on the walls. The new teachers' room was inviting.  Everything was shiny and bright. I had boxes with new materials piled in my classroom.I had many hellos and a few hugs from colleagues.I offered hello to the many new, young faces that wandered the halls.  The most apparent thing was the same look on every face I encountered. No one looked particularly happy. Everyone looked tentative, like they were not quite certain what to expect. Everyone was serious. We went to meeting after meeting. We learned all about the new plans for this school year. It sounded positive. It sounded like there will be a lot of support.  I think I need to refer to yesterday's blog: "We're teachers, we are highly critical of ourselves." Thus, we worry. We really do want to do a great job and do what is in the best interest of our students. Yes, it is hard work. We read the latest in educational strategies and try our best to make these strategies work. We plan and plan and plan, but yes, sometimes we must throw our plans aside because something unexpected and more important than our plans takes precedence. Again, we worry. Sometimes we are observed and sometimes when we are observed our plans do not go as planned. Do we give up? No, of course not! We just worry and try again the next day. The students have not arrived yet this year. They come in two days.  If they had been there our faces would have not looked so serious. You see, we really are there for our students. The students really do brighten our day. As soon as we see students we forget about all of the reading, thought, preparation, and angst we put into our lessons because the students really are like sun on a cloudy day for us. We care about them. We really do want them to learn and like doing it. We really do want them to have successful careers and lives. So, going into day two, and still almost as nervous as going into day one, I have this advice to offer to my colleagues and teachers everywhere:
1) Think positive! Things never or rather rarely go as planned. Grin and bare it. It will be okay. Take the good from the lesson learned and move ahead.
2)  Think of others. Helping others helps one to forget their own needs. 
3) Be thoughtful. When planning, thoughtfully address the core standards but thoughtfully address the students too. If you're thoughtful and real with the students, and your colleagues they will be thoughtful and real to you too.
4) Worry less and enjoy the little things. Remember, you have made it through every school day up until now. It's the little things that can make a plain old day a big, spectacular day.
     We are teachers. We are good at what we do because we do it with heart. Doing it with heart, means we worry! We will have a great school year!
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Children's Book Review:

   A Dragon in My Backpack, is a wonderful book to read to a child before the first day of school. It is about a boy named Ben who loves dragons. Ben is about to begin kindergarten but his toy dragon, named Bumps is worried about going to school.  Ben has a very "royal" dream the night before school filled with knights,castles, and dragons that somehow gives Ben and Bumps the courage to go to school. My daughter was fortunate enough to meet the lovely Elvira Woodruff, and recieve a signed copy: "For the Fair Lady, Rachel."

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