Wednesday, September 3, 2014

If I Need Help

     I have been an edublogger for a very short time, but in this short time I have met some kind and generous people. Tonight, I am going to tell you about one of these people. Her name is Erin and she and her husband Bruce began a charity called, "If I Need" It is an organization that helps those who can not get themselves home should they wander off by themselves. The organization gives out patches with QR codes on them that can be scanned or entered manually on the site to access the contact information that has been logged with the organization.
   "If I Need Help" was born when Erin's and Bruce's son, Jay a, a low-verbal boy with autism went missing several times. Jay could not communicate and had no way to ask for help. The need to keep their son safe inspired them to create a way for at-risk individuals to wear their information. The QR code ID patches provide key contact information to quickly reunite the lost individual with their caregivers. 

Great Advantages of the QRCODEID System:

  • The contact information in the profile can be changed in real time.  Add or change parent, babysitter, or teacher contact information as life happens.
  • The profile can be e-mailed to someone if a search is needed. Others can see a picture along with contact, emergency and behavioral information.
  • Each free If I Need Help membership includes access to a secure password-protected site where important information such as medical records can be stored and accessed in an emergency.    

         As a special education teacher and a Mom I highly endorse this product. All children with and without disabilities can wander off in the blink of an eye. The QR-Code-ID is one way to help ensure a safe return of loved ones including the elderly with dementia. Erin so kindly sent me two sets of patches displayed above to offer to students who may benefit from them. I can also attest to the fact that Erin is always readily available through social media. 
Contact Information:
Twitter: @QRCodeiDl

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Children's Book Review:

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