Saturday, November 7, 2015

Reflection By a Special Education Teacher.

 The older one gets in life, it seems like everything that has happened to the current point becomes more clearer. I'm elderly yet, but I believe that every experience good and challenging has brought me to the place I am today with greater awareness. I have worked in some form of education beginning before I left high school.  Back then, I was chosen to train and work with a young autistic child every Friday night. I knew from the moment I met this child that I was meant to work in Special Education. I pursued a B.S. in Special Education N-12, and obtained an Pennsylvania Instructional II teaching certificate. More recently I earned a M,Ed. in Literacy 5-12. It's my belief that education is non-ending. We learn new things every day. I have learned from coursework, reading, professional development, but most importantly from my students. As a teacher, I have learned to listen to my students auditorily and visually. To learn, a child must be heard. When a child acts out or shuts down it's because I am not reaching him or her in the way that the child needs, it is therefore my job to find the  right approach or strategy that speaks to this child.  I value each child, I will teach each child the skills that s/he needs, I will advocate for each child, and I will write appropriate IEP's for each child. At the end of the day I will take the whole of my experiences and reflect on what I can do the next day to make that day better for every child in my classroom. 

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