Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why? (A poem)

Why you ask? 
The answer is easy. 
Love and sensitivity. 
Caring and the ability to give back. 
The ability to find out why as if the human inside the human is living in his/her own world.
Why must everyone be the same I ask? 
Why must everyone need to participate in the world in the same way? 
Why must everyone be cared for in the same way?
Is there truly a right or wrong way to live?
Is there only one way to do each task?
If there is only one way to way to do, one way to be....
         then there would only be one....
                One with different faces....?
                       One with different feelings.....?
So why is there only one instead of many?
The answer is easy.
There are many.
They are all different.
They all have different thoughts....
     different needs....
           different ways of being cared for
                  different ways of seeing their world....
                         different ways of being loved
                                different ways of accepting love.
This is why I do what I do, because to me the difference is clear, and the reason is Love.

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