Friday, November 14, 2014

Stop Bugging Me!!!

    Kids will be kids! They come to school each day with the best of intentions. Some days go smoothly. Some days do not go quite as smoothly! Days that are particularly difficult are those where something fun or special is going to happen.  Teachers tend to hear, "Is it time to...or when can we go to...."!  So let me refer to the proverb, "Necessity is the mother of invention" which is exactly how the "Stop Bugging Me" folder was born!  I needed a way to keep students on task even on days that something extra special was happening in the afternoon! I created, the infamous, Stop Bugging Me folder! 
   The Stop Bugging Me folder is part of my four part consequence policy. It is used after the student commits "incident two." Incident one is a warning and a check by the student's name on the whiteboard.  Incident two is completing an activity in the Stop Bugging Me folder.  The activity can not be completed during class time. It must be completed during recess, during a special event that the student will not attend until finished, or after school. 
   Inside the Stop Bugging Me folder are activities all relating to...bugs!  Some activities are: 1) Bugs:  Draw and Write Three Things, 2) An essay, "What's Bugging You" 3) Multiplication Bugs"...and more! The student must complete one activity without complaint before returning to the desired activity!  
   This is one of my strategies that I've never had to use!  Just mentioning the Stop Bugging Me folder helps kids to realize that they've crossed the line and therefore quickly return to their studies! I just love when strategies work this way! In truth, it would bug me more to have to use this strategy than it does to see kids excited! Excited kids are wonderful and good to see, but learning patience is a lifelong skill that will help them every day! After All, patience is a virtue!

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    Auntie Claus by: Elise Primavera is tonight's pick.  Auntie Claus is a zany New Yorker, but seems like so much more!  Young Sophie has often wondered about her unusual great-aunt,Auntie Claus. She lives in penthouse 25C at the Bing Cherry Hotel and is so interesting in a one-of-a-kind-way! Auntie Claus serves Christmas cookies all year long and her tree is always the best-decorated in the city. Every year she takes an annual "business trip," right around the holidays. Seems odd, right? So, this year Sophie is decides to get to the bottom of Auntie Claus's unusual ways. Children love this unique Christmas story. My children were convinced that "Auntie Claus" was really their Great Auntie Linda! Auntie Linda, right along with Santa Claus stole their heart every Christmas!

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