Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dear New Teachers

Dear New Teachers,
    Please take a tip from this experienced teacher:  Sometimes the best lessons of all are those that
epicly fail! Sadly, I was almost happy when our first attempt at making a  tornado in a bottle failed! You see, we are studying both weather and the scientific method. We had stated our question, done our research and hypothesized that "We can make a tornado in a bottle"!  WRONG!! Oh no!! This can't be, these students trust everything I do and yet we have, "NO TORNADO IN OUR BOTTLES!!  How Disappointing! We read the directions, we followed them exactly, or did we? This is the question! Who says my students don't listen?  Clearly they do! Sweet Skip suddenly said, "Mrs. Aubin, we forgot to tape the top of the bottle and poke a hole in it"!  I yelped with joy, "Yes Skip, you are exactly correct! What a great scientist you are!"  You see, we tested our hypothesis and then it failed. Skip analyzed our data just like a real scientist! I was so proud of him!  I couldn't have planned this lesson any better at all, failing was the best part! We carefully took our bottles apart, dried the tops off, fitted them with duck tape, poked holes in them, taped them back together, and voila we had tornadoes!!! Well to be honest, not exactly! We only kind of had tornadoes. We concluded that our mini-bottles were too flimsy! We let the wind out of our sails and went on to plan B.  My dear readers, you will probably hear about plan B quite often because giving up is never an option! So.... the next day.....
We tried again with big bottles!!  We filled one 3/4 the way full with water add a few drops of food coloring and glitter, taped them together with duck tape, poked a sizable hole between the two bottles stacked one atop the other, added more duck tape, swirled them furiously and....Voila!!!! we had the finest tornado in a bottle that any of us had ever seen!!  We

danced for joy!  We had success! We had success on making a tornado in a bottle!  I had success on teaching the scientific method just like real scientists do with trial and error finalized with over-all success!  Our hypothesis was correct we can make a tornado in a bottle!
    So new teachers, triumph everything the great lessons and the not so great lessons because in the end we learn something from them all!

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Mitt Aubin's Book Review: 

     This book is recommended for grades 4-7.  The stories included are a cross-curricular set for upper elementary and middle grades. Included are a variety of natural and human-created 
disasters.  The stories make use of society, the environment, English, science, mathematics, personal development, health, technology and enterprise. I will be using the informational text in the story titled, "Natural Disasters" to go with our weather unit. 

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